46. Power to inspect carrier’s Places

(1) Where a carrier or bailee, to whom goods are delivered for transmission, before delivery is taken from him, keeps the said goods in any office, shop, godown, vessel, receptacle, vehicle or any other place, any officer not below the rank of Deputy Commercial Tax Officer, shall have power to enter into and search such office, shop, godown, vessel, receptacle, vehicle or other place of business or building or place, and to examine the goods and inspect all records relating to such goods. The carrier or bailee or the person in-charge of the goods and records shall give all facilities for such examination or inspection and shall if so required produce the bill of sale or delivery note or such other document as may be prescribed regarding the goods and give his name and address and the name and address 
of the carrier or the bailee and the consignee.

Explanation: For the purpose of this section, where goods are delivered to a carrier or a bailee for transmission, the movement of goods shall be deemed to commence at the time of such delivery and terminate at the time when delivery is taken from such carrier or bailee.

(2) Any such officer shall have power to seize and confiscate any goods which are found in any office, shop, godown, vehicle, vessel or any other place of business or any building or place of a carrier or a bailee for transmission where such goods are not covered by any document or covered by fictitious documents:

Provided that before taking action for the confiscation of goods the officer shall give the person affected an opportunity of being heard.