31 Rectification of mistakes


(1) Any officer, authority, the Tribunal or the High Court may on its own motion or on the application of the dealer or any other interested person rectify any mistake apparent on the face of record, in any order passed by him under this Act, within three years from the date of the order sought to be rectified:

Provided that where an application under this subsection has been made within such period of three years, it may be disposed of even beyond such period:

Provided further that no rectification which has the effect of enhancing the assessment, penalty, fees or other dues, shall be made unless reasonable opportunity of being heard has been given to the dealer or other person likely to be affected by such enhancement.

(2) Where such rectification has the effect of enhancing the assessment, the assessing authority shall serve on the dealer a revised notice of demand in the prescribed form and therefrom all the provisions of this Act shall apply as if such notice had been served in the first instance.